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Character Animator • Motion Graphics Artist • Illustrator • Graphic Designer
A task oriented, disciplined Animator and Illustrator with 10+ years of freelance and contract experience creating visually stunning Character Animations, Motion Graphics and Comic Book Art.
A detail focused technical Animator  with a varied knowledge of After Effects, creating Motion Graphics and 2D Character Rigs.
An Art Institute Graduate with a background in traditional hand drawn Character Animation, emphasizing weight, timing, & silhouette to create visually stunning animation.
A lifelong Draftsman and Comic Book Artist  with a deep understanding of Character, Storytelling and Composition, and how to marry those components. 

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere 
Adobe Animate
Clip Studio Paint
Moho 13
3D Modeling

Punk House Press, Conneaut, OH 2020
A production company that publishes nationally distributed comic books, magazines, and also produces and distributes Punk, Ska, and Hardcore music.
Composed an animated music video for the single, Short Term Memories by the band Less Than Expected. 
Rigged and animated over twenty separate characters From existing album art, which involved cutting out and breaking into layers over 20 separate characters.
Created a 3D scene that matched the original album art. 
Punk House Press, Conneaut, OH 2015 - 2018
A production company that publishes nationally distributed comic books, magazines,  and also  produces and distributes music.
 Comicbook Artist
Drew all 9 issues of comic book series Joshua Black which was nationally distributed. 
Hired as a fill-in artist on issue 5 and upon completion was made the official artist, after fan response was asked to redraw the entire series.
Following a medical emergency in our team, took on writing, and editing duties as well as leading all members of the team to finish the book on time. 
Became co-owner of IP after showing passion and respect for the character, story, and product. 

Oops Comic Adventure, Orlando, FL 2013 - 2018
Self published all ages comic series released online and in print.
Co-creator, Writer and Artist
Self published web comic series “Oops Comic Adventure” for five years, managing both production and online marketing.
 Maintained a steady growth in an online following that translated to successful book sales both online and at comic conventions.

American Safety Council, Orlando, FL 2013
Producer of online classes for workplace safety, driver safety, professional certifications and continuing education. 
Motion Graphics Animator
Brought in to assist in meeting deadline. Created info-graphics and text animations in Adobe After Effects. 

What the Flux Media, Orlando, FL 2010 - 2012
Comicbook Publisher and Video Production company.
Co-Director Animator and Storyboard Artist
Co-Directed a feature length 2D/3D animated film titled, Chernosaurus. Fulfilled roles as a character animator, storyboard artist, directed voice actors, 3D background artists and editor.  
One of only two animators on a team of 8 that completed an over an hour long animated feature that was shown in film festivals internationally.

Associates of Science, Media Arts and Animation 
Art Institute, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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